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Foscarini - Aplomb Large Suspension White

Suspension lamp with direct light. Cement diffuser, consisting off a special amalgam colored with pigments, produced by pouring the fluid mixture into a mold rose with galvanized metal bracket and batch-dyed ABS cover. Black electrical cable and canopy for the brown and grey version, white for the white version.

Foscarini - Aplomb Led Wall Lamp White

Aplomb wall lamp is an exploration of the expressive possibilities of rough concrete made fluid in its mould and thrilling to see and touch thanks to its special amalgam.

Foscarini - Aplomb Suspension Green

Aplomb is a small suspension lamp that creates direct and precise lighting on an underlying surface. Visible concrete is part of the expressive language of modern architecture and Foscarini, with Aplomb, uses this material with a spirit and a technology that is entirely original. The lamp displays a light touch of extreme elegance and formal simplicity, which softens the massive solidity of the concrete by enhancing its polished and yet unrefined material aspect.

Foscarini - Birdie Table Lamp Grey

Table lamp with diffused light. Die cast zinc alloy base and steel rod, both liquid coated. Opaline injection-molded polycarbonate

Foscarini - Caboche Small Table Lamp Transparent

Table or floor lamp with diffused and direct light. Satin finish blown glass internal diffuser, satin finish opaline glass lower screen.

Foscarini - Duii Table Lamp Yellow

Table lamp in dark grey color with adjustable die-cast aluminum head, powder-coated steel structure with black zinc-plated butterfly screws, zamak base with storage space

Foscarini - Flip 2 Wall Lamp White

A wall sculpture with a dynamic frame, this lamp merges functionality with style to offer maximum versatility as a light source. Flip, the new product by Simon Pengelly for Foscarini, is a lamp to admire but also to touch and direct its warm luminosity. It is beautiful when switched on or off.

Foscarini - Fork Table Lamp Ivory

The Fork lampshade is inspired by casual fashion, by campsite tents and by an informal, playful and dynamic lifestyle. The stitching on the fabric has been created like that on jeans and the rings are not merely decorative, but respond to practical needs with simplicity and immediacy.

Foscarini - Gask Suspension Grey

The steel mount, with its rough texture embossed black finish, in a blown glass diffuser with open brass bolts that convey the atmosphere of an old-fashioned retro style, the play of contrasting materials, inspiration and feeling. The diffuser is available in double doors, each with its own style and personality: milky white, for warmer and more diffused lighting, or transparent Gray, which allows you to look at the light source inside modern contact with high-tech taste. Gask suspension lamp

Foscarini - Heavy Metal Floor Lamp Black

Floor lamp and table lamp Foscarini Diesel. The height of the floor lamp is 178 cm, width 44 cm. The height of the table lamp is 44 cm. The height of the lampshade is 15 cm, the diameter is 40 cm.

Foscarini - Lake Led Wall Lamp Red

Lake Foscarini is a wall lamp with liquid light made of injection molded and painted ABS and aluminum. Ideal for giving light effects to the wall. Available in 2 different colors: red and ivory.

Foscarini - Magneto Table Lamp White

A table lamp with an elemental and bold look. The invisible force of a magnet joins the supporting rod to the illuminating body, allowing you to direct the light cast by Magneto at leisure, just like a torch.

Foscarini - Mysterio Wall Lamp White Copper

Coupling retro style with modern innovation, the Mysterio Wall Light by Diesel is a fashionable way to light up any space with a warm, bright glow. This captivating wall light is strong and durable since it features a Polycarbonate shade and Metallic interior. The Mysterio Wall Light will bring a funky vibe to your space, whether it is used individually or in multiples to give the desired look to the environment. Originally a clothing brand born for the youth, Diesel’s Italian roots have always played a role in its focus on functional, stylish design. Fast forward to the new millennium, and Diesel has set its sights on modern lighting with the Diesel Collection.

Foscarini - Nuage Wall Lamp Red

Based on the concept of optical illusion and designed like a luminous three-dimensional picture, the Nuage wall lamp is an unprecedented overlapping of graphic and luminous silhouettes, with an effect that recalls Optical Art and a changing perception depending on the observer’s position.

Foscarini - Plass Suspension Grey

Plass takes the charm of traditional Venetian glass pearls to a larger scale, also drawing its inspiration there for both shape and colours. A suspension lamp with a singular surface, purposely "imperfect” vibrates with light from the inside.

Foscarini - Rituals 3 Suspension White

The Rituals lamps speak the language of beauty and poetry. They are made with hand-blown glass marked by thin engravings which recall the art of grinding resulting from skilled craft-based workmanship. The volume of Rituals 1 will not go unnoticed, since it features slight creases that create a warm, vibrant light.

Foscarini - Rock Floor Lamp White

Floor lamp with direct and adjustable light, hemispherical diffuser in mixed ABS and injection moulded polycarbonate. The outer cover is lacquered with matt "textured" paint, which not only colours but also makes the surface rough, while the paint on the interior is glossy and iridescent, white with greenish reflections for the brown and white version, and golden for the gold version. The conical joint supporting the diffuser is made of nylon with a fibreglass core and coated with liquid paint. Powder coated steel rod and hexagon-shaped base with the Diesel logo in relief in matt powder coated cast iron. Foot switch and cable both black for the brown and gold version, both white for the white version.

Foscarini - Smash Large Suspension Rust

Suspension lamps with direct down light. Diffuser in aluminium slab turned in a mould; subsequently a second turning process is performed in a mould to achieve the bending of the lower rim, followed by a third bending process to achieve the characteristic oval shape. The brown version is painted on the exterior in two steps: the first coat of coloured paint is applied, followed by a second coat with a black "drop" effect to create a rough and textured finish on the aluminium. The grey version is powder coated on the exterior; for both versions the interior is liquid coated in white. Black load-bearing electrical cable, canopy with galvanised metal bracket and matt black batch-dyed ABS cover.

Foscarini - Spokes 1 Suspension White

Spokes expresses a feeling of light weight and motion. As if crossing a magical and geometrical mesh, the light filters out from the inside, projecting a kaleidoscope of blocks and voids. The Spokes 1 suspension lamp stands out for its elongated and dynamic shape.

Foscarini - Uto Suspension White

Playful, soft and transformist, Uto is a highly unusual suspension lamp. It can be used both indoors and out, plying it according to changing requirements and personal inspiration.