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Ingo Maurer

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Ingo Maurer - Bo-Jek Wall Lamp Aluminium

Aluminium, heat-resistant glass. 230/125 volts, 150 to 300 or 500 watts, halogen, R7s socket. Uplighter for indirect light. A conventional dimmer may also be fitted. Minimum distance from ceiling 50 cm. 500-watts bulb included (125 volts/300 watts). Bo-jek has been awarded the TÜF/GS seal of approval.

Ingo Maurer - Radarrr Floor Lamp Black

Steel, aluminium. The aluminium facets of the screen reflect and disperse the light. A ball-joint makes it possible to turn and tilt the screen.

Ingo Maurer - YaYaHo Element 2 Suspension Mirror

Metal, plastic. Mirror optional. Adjustable vertically and horizontally along the wires. Reflector unit swivels.