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Louis Poulsen

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Louis Poulsen - Doo Wop Suspension

Glossy lacquered surfaces in specific: The glossy lacquered surfaces should be maintained with a suitable polish in order to prevent deterioration and drying. The polish agent may not contain any sort of abrasives. The polish must be applied according to the supplier’s instructions using a very soft cloth (microfiber). Note: Avoid any contact between the polish and the matt lacquered surfaces of the product.

Louis Poulsen - Ph3.5-2.5 Floor lamp

Louis Poulsen is a world renowned manufacturer of designer lighting that can look back on 140 years of history and has always remained faithful to its lighting philosophy, based on the pillars of function, comfort and ambience. The collaboration with the world famous Danish lighting designer Poul Henningsen began as early as 1924. His approach to shaping the light with the help of design in such a way that it particularly enhances the homes as well as the people's lives and is in perfect harmony with the philosophy of Louis Poulsen.The PH 3½-2½ floor lamp is a piece of Danish design history. The PH lamp model numbers refer to the shade size. Each top shade has a corresponding set of middle and lower shades. The shades are made of mouth-blown, three-layer opal glass, which is glossy on top and sandblasted matt on the inside, which ensures a particularly soft and even light distribution. This classic design visually enhances every interior by its mere presence.

Louis Poulsen - Ph5 Mini Suspension

PH 5 Mini, pendant light, E14 20W 230V, copper. Size: ø30x16.3cm. Pendant length: 3m.