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Ideal Lux - Aladino Suspension

Matte white enamelled metal frame. Blown glass diffuser in mantle: white is frosted, blue shiny. Steel cables with adjustable length by automatic devices.

Ideal Lux - Bow Ap114 Wall lamp

Picture Lighting Ideal Lux 7021 Bow AP114 Chrome is a wonderful indoor lighting made by Ideal Lux for pictures light.

Ideal Lux - Bow Ap66 Wall lamp

Picture Lighting Ideal Lux 7045 Bow AP66 Chrome is a wonderful indoor lighting made by Ideal Lux for pictures light.

Ideal Lux - Dea Sp20 Suspension

White spherical frame and lamp sockets. Steel wire adjustable in length with automatic blocking devices.

Ideal Lux - Driftwood Tl1 Table lamp

IDEAL LUX Driftwood 1L floor lamp. Metal frame. Natural wood decorative arms. PVC foil diffusers coated with canvas fabric.

Ideal Lux - Fisherman Sp1 Suspension

Totally metal body with chrome, copper or matt black enamel finish. White silkscreen-printed glass diffuser.

Ideal Lux - Fix Ap1 Wall lamp

Matt white or chrome metal frame. Light diffuser-expander made of 6 mm- thick aluminum sheet. Integrated LED sources.

Ideal Lux - Flower Ap1 Wall lamp

Metal main structure in white color with multicolour acrylic decorative details of diffuser.

Ideal Lux - Flut Sp1 Suspension

Blown overlay frosted glass diffuser: white inside and coloured outside. Cable adjustable in length.

Ideal Lux - Frida Suspension

Suspension, Interior. Bell and socket cover in metal with different finishes. Black fabric cable.

Ideal Lux - Hotel Ap2 Wall lamp

Fabric shade. Satin glass diffuser. AP2 version with external adjustable led and independent switch.

Ideal Lux - Kool Ap1 Wall lamp

Totally pure concrete body with metal inner support.

Ideal Lux - Live Pt Campana Floor lamp

Wireless mobile device with LED sources powered by rechargeable batteries and light colour RGB changing function. Matt white polycarbonate light body-diffuser. 10 hours batteries autonomy.

Ideal Lux - Look Sp1 D06 Suspension

Metal ceiling rose and diffuser with different finishes. Power cable coated with fabric adjustable in length. It fits replaceable bulbs. Faded chrome version with glass diffuser.

Ideal Lux - Mapa Sp1 D50 Suspension

Chrome or white metal frame. White acid-etched blown glass diffuser with spherical shape and painted decoration or clear chrome glass with downward nuance. Suspension model with steel cables adjustable in length.

Ideal Lux - Minimal Sp1 Suspension

Metal frame with chrome or colored varnish finish. Power cable with fabric coating. SP1 version supplied with two-meters long cable.

Ideal Lux - Mirror 51 Wall lamp

LED wall lamp Mirror-51 ap60 with an innovative design, made of chromed metal body with freely adjustable diffuser, suitable for interior lighting of paintings in your home, gallery, hotel or restaurant. Metal frame with chrome or nickel finish. Freely adjustable diffuser. Dimension: 60cm

Ideal Lux - Multiflex SP8 Suspension

Monture en métal finie en vernis mat. Bras flexibles recouverts en caoutchouc. Câble en acier réglable en longueur par dispositif automatique.

Ideal Lux - Nodino Pl15 Ceiling

Metal frame with chrome or matt white paint finish. White acid-etched blown glass diffuser.

Ideal Lux - Palladio Sp1 Suspension

Satin white enameled metal frame. White blown acid-etched glass diffuser. Steel wire adjustable in length with automatic blocking mechanism.

Ideal Lux - Penombra Suspension

Metal frame and upper vault with brass finish. White blown acid-etched glass diffuser.

Ideal Lux - Piano Pt1 Floor lamp

Metal frame and diffuser finished with white or black matt paint coating. Supporting table made of turned natural wood.

Ideal Lux - Radio Sg5 Suspension

Chrome metal ceiling rose and frame. Adjustable diffuser. Electrical cable coated with fabric.

Ideal Lux - Tea Ap30 Wall lamp

Cast aluminum body with matt powder coating. Satin acrylic up-and-down double diffuser.