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Foscarini - Smash Large Suspension Rust


SKU: LI4171.52E
Color: Rust
Dimension: 420mm x 380mm + 1800mm
Lamp Type: LED
Suspension lamps with direct down light. Diffuser in aluminium slab turned in a mould; subsequently a second turning process is performed in a mould to achieve the bending of the lower rim, followed by a third bending process to achieve the characteristic oval shape. The brown version is painted on the exterior in two steps: the first coat of coloured paint is applied, followed by a second coat with a black "drop" effect to create a rough and textured finish on the aluminium. The grey version is powder coated on the exterior; for both versions the interior is liquid coated in white. Black load-bearing electrical cable, canopy with galvanised metal bracket and matt black batch-dyed ABS cover.


Light ColorDay Light
Dimension420mm x 380mm + 1800mm
DesignerDiesel Creative Team