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porta romana

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Porta romana - CHLOE

Hundreds of hand cut and polished perspex tubes packed tightly into a nickel plated box produce an effect of dazzling diamonds and sparkling shards. Back lit with LEDS this is a truly glamorous creation which effervesces with beauty night and day.


Porta romana - GIACOMETTI LEAF

This lamp has two optional bases and finishes, the chalk with a nickel base, or the bronzed that sits on a slab of slate


Porta romana - JELLY MOULD

The beautiful folds of this lamp have everything about a voluptuous jelly apart from the wobble! 


Porta romana - MUSSEL SHELL

The Mussel shell wall light is a beautifully sculpted and compact piece that looks wonderful in this nickel finish. It is back-lit and therefore ideal when a more subtle light is required.


Porta romana - SMALL LARTIGUE

The Lartigue collection of Table Lamps, Wall Lights and Chandeliers are Porta Romana classics. Subtly bridging the divide between the traditional chandelier and the 21st Century, it whispers cool chic and is named after the stylish French photographer Henri Lartigue. The Wall Light is available in two sizes.