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Ingo maurer - Jack 2

JACK2, Ingo Maurer and Franz Ringelhan, Metal, glass, plastic. 230/125 volts. Black or silver. Multi-Mirror re?ector black or silver, with protective glass cover, 12 volts, 50 watts, GX 5.3 socket. Complete with bulb, ?ush-mounted wall ?xture and universal connecting box. Ceiling or wall installation possible. Rotates through 360° and tilts through 180°. 12-volt connection with safety transformer (available from electrical stockists).The transformer can also be connected to a suitable dimmer (adapted for low-voltage use).


Ingo maurer - Lil Luxury gold

Gold, silver or white lacquered paper, aluminium. Suspension with braided polyester strings. Lil Luxury is made for ceiling heights starting at 270 cm.


Ingo maurer - Luxury Pure gold

LED version for 230 volts: With electronic transformer, secondary 37 V, continuosly dimmable. LED version for 125 volts: with electronic transformer, secondary 37 V, with 3 step dimmer, operated by a switch.


Ingo maurer - Radarrr

Steel, aluminium. The aluminium facets of the screen reflect and disperse the light. A ball-joint makes it possible to turn and tilt the scree


Ingo maurer - Yayaho Element 2

Metal, plastic. Mirror optional. Adjustable vertically and horizontally along the wires. Reflector unit swivels.


Ingo maurer - Yayaho Element 4

Metal, porcelain shade, plastic. Adjustable vertically and horizontally along the wires. With halogen bulb 35 W Eco, 12 V, 860 lm, 2900 K, 4000 h, EEC B (as at Feb. 2018). Socket GY 6,35, max. 50 W, compatible with bulbs of the energy classes A++ - E. We recommend users to purchase a small batch of fitting halogen bulbs. LED retrofit bulbs available on the market do not offer a comparable quality of light, and are not satisfying